Limousine Booking System

Limousine Booking System

Our online limousine booking system provides real-time booking and tracking for users and/or agents. Our system is also able to send notifications to passengers via customizable SMS and generate enhanced trip billing features. It's easy, quick and reliable.

Key benefits:

  • Punctuality with accurate arrival time for pick-up.
  • Reliable services with professional and consistent service standards. Our professional drivers practice safe driving through training and telematics.
  • Trackable with real-time data.
  • Efficient Business Processes

In an overview, our 24 hour Operation Control Centre will handle the reservations, dispatch of reservations and monitoring all active jobs. Users and/or agents will receive notifications on their confirmations or amendments as well as any cancellations.

Our Credit and Billing team will then generate the final billing and invoice to the user and/or agent. The entire process of reservation to billing is seamless and it's all well taken care at our end.

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