Value Added Bus Services

Value Added Bus Services

At STRIDES, we believe in giving you value for your money. That is why we provide our Value Added Services for our clients who do Premium Bus Service bookings with us. These services are there for your convenience and can be rented at additional cost with whichever premium bus service you are booking.


STRIDES offers Bus Ticketing Services as well as Bus and Directional Signages and Installation of Advertisement Wraps on Chartered Buses. These services are available for all Premium Bus Bookings.

Types of Value Added Bus Services


STRIDES Bus Ticketing Services are based on a co-sharing model and suitable for clients who wish to co-share the cost of the bus service with their passengers or subsidise their staff transport cost. In such arrangements, STRIDES offers clients or companies the option of subsidising a portion of the bus chartering costs while commuters co-pay a nominal fare with their EZ-Link card.


STRIDES offers several options for Bus Signages and Advertising. We even offer the option for application of usage of public bus stops or MRT stations as a pick-up location for your STRIDES chartered bus (subject to approval by relevant authorities).

Other options include -

  • Creation and/or installation of customised A3 signage (with organisation’s logos, branding or details) to be placed at the front windscreen and side of the chartered bus.
  • Installation of advertisement wraps on the chartered bus.

Installation of directional signage(s) at MRT station(s) for approved pick-up locations.

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