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Decades of experience delivering safe,
reliable journeys and exceptional experiences

Trusted Rail and Engineering Solutions & Services Partner

Advanced Innovative Technologies and Digital Solutions & Services Partner

Leading Mobility Solutions & Services Provider

Retail and Advertising Solutions & Services Partner

Sharing our experience and expertise

Experience-led Solutions

High reliability and service standards

Strong Operations & Maintenance, GoA4 driverless operations expertise

Ecosystem of mobility solutions

Innovative customer service experience

Non-fare revenue growth and sustainability specialists

Mobility & Transit Solutions Provider

Operator-Integrator of all transport nodes including fully automated GoA4 driveless trains

Operator-Integrator of robust maintenance solutions from non-destructive inspection and condition monitoring systems to data-collection solutions

Deep Engineering Capabilities Builder

Expertise in brownfield modification, rejuvenation and maintenance works

Design and delivery of rail-system renewal programmes

Design and delivery of Applied Rail Technologies and solutions or O&M

Robust Systems & Processes Designer

Singapore Railway Standards

World-class safety and security systems

Proven professional training technologies and programmes

Integrated incident response and business contingency operations

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