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40 years of experience delivering safe, reliable journeys and exceptional experiences

Trusted Rail and Engineering Solutions & Services Partner

Advanced Innovative Technologies and Digital Solutions & Services Partner

Leading Mobility Solutions & Services Provider

Retail and Advertising Solutions & Services Partner


Strides Rail has extensive experience in rail operations, maintenance and service (OMS), transport planning, as well as strong engineering capabilities. We offer end-to-end design-build-operate-maintain-transfer solutions and services to deliver reliability, and safe journeys. Complementing these are our expertise in non-fare retail and advertising solutions & services.


Strides Engineering has deep, proven experience in exploiting advanced innovative technologies and digital solutions & services to drive safety, reliability, and comfort.


Strides Mobility is your leading mobility solutions and services provider. With close to 40 years of industry experience, operating and maintaining a wide and diverse fleet, we connect customers, drivers and vehicles to deliver technology-enabled solutions that are safe, reliable, inclusive and sustainable.


Stellar Lifestyle is the largest managing agent of retail and advertising spaces in Singapore’s rail network. We create vibrant transit destinations through continuous innovation and a desire to make our everyday touchpoints better. Our expertise includes retail mall management, outdoor media & digital advertising solutions, and digital engagement platforms.


For 40 years, we have partnered with treasured customers to deliver O&M engineering, mobility and transit lifestyle solutions in countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Experience-led Solutions

  • High reliability and service standards
  • Strong Operations & Maintenance, GoA4 driverless operations expertise
  • Ecosystem of mobility solutions
  • Innovative customer service experience
  • Non-fare revenue growth and sustainability specialists

Mobility & Transit Solutions Provider

  • Operator-Integrator of all transport nodes including fully automated GoA4 driverless trains
  • Operator-Integrator of robust maintenance solutions from non-destructive inspection and condition monitoring systems to data-collection solutions

Deep Engineering Capabilities Builder

  • Expertise in brownfield modification, rejuvenation and maintenance works
  • Design and delivery of rail-system renewal programmes
  • Design and delivery of Applied Rail Technologies and solutions or O&M

Robust Systems & Processes Designer

  • Singapore Railway Standards
  • World-class safety and security systems
  • Proven professional training technologies and programmes
  • Integrated incident response and business contingency operations