To better cater to the electrical charging needs of Singapore’s growing Electric Vehicle (EV) population, EV Charge Point Operator (CPO) ChargEco will roll out a trial to enhance EV charging points for multi-storey carparks (MSCP) in Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates.

The new Dynamic Load Management System (DLMS) enabled EV charging points, initiated as part of the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) large-scale deployment tender requirement, are equipped with smart controllers, switches and algorithms that monitor the electrical load at MSCPs and dynamically adjust power supply based on real-time usage. Electricity that is not consumed by MSCP amenities, such as lifts, lights, and gantries, is safely channelled to EV charging points, leading to a more efficient use of electrical power supply. With the DLMS fitted at MSCPs with limited power availability, the existing power can be better optimised, enabling the deployment of some EV chargers ahead of conventional electrical infrastructure upgrades. The charging speed may also be optimised accordingly depending on the electricity consumption.

The first DLMS-enabled EV charging point, which will be on trial at Block 104A Henderson Crescent, was launched today by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education and Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC. To mark the milestone, EV drivers will enjoy a 50 per cent charging discount at this pilot site until further notice.

“As we expand the number of EV charging points across the island and in many public carparks, we look forward to greater convenience for all EV users and a greener Singapore,” said Mr Chan.

ChargEco, a joint venture between SMRT Corporation’s business arm STRIDES and integrated energy provider YTL Power Seraya, is the first CPO in Singapore to launch the trial of DLMS-enabled EV charging points under the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) large-scale deployment tender to install EV charging points at HDB car parks across central and eastern Singapore.

To help oversee the deployment of EV charging points across public car parks, EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd (“EVe”, pronounced as “Eve”), LTA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, works closely with the appointed EV Charging Operators and government agencies to plan and manage the deployment of EV charging points at public carparks island-wide, and coordinate efforts to develop the electrical infrastructure upgrades needed to support the deployment of EV chargers.

Following the completion of the trial, ChargEco aims to implement DLMS-enabled EV charging points at more HDB MSCPs that have limited or no spare electrical power, in support of Singapore’s goal for all HDB MSCPs to be EV by 2025.

“We are working to expand the DLMS to optimise the power availability of the MSCPs. Given the same power supply, we could potentially deploy more charging points at each MSCP. This includes MSCPs that previously do not have the available electrical capacity. Beyond HDB MSCPs, the DLMS will also be very useful in private residential, retail, and commercial spaces as well,” said Mr Richard Chin, General Manager of ChargEco.

The DLMS was developed by Delta Electronics Singapore, a provider of power and thermal management products and solutions. ChargEco is working closely with them to finetune the DLMS algorithm to suit the local operating environment, based on its CPO experience and operational data.

The introduction of DLMS-enabled EV charging points is the latest milestone by ChargEco, which was established in 2022 to provide affordable, reliable, and convenient EV charging services. In February 2023, ChargEco became the first CPO to complete the roll-out of the inaugural batch of HDB car park EV charging points under the LTA’s large-scale tender awarded in November 2022. Till date, ChargEco has launched over 150 EV charging points at HDB car parks, private residences, and commercial buildings, and is set to double that number by end FY2023.

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